T-Mobile Giving Away $4,000 a Day with ‘4G PayDay’ Trivia Contest


Starting today, and running through October 2nd, T-Mobile is giving their customers the chance to win a daily prize of $4,000 (Get it? 4G’s).  The T-Mobile 4G PayDay contest is a multiple-choice trivia challenge played via text message with rather simple rules.  The person with the most consecutive correct answers in the span of one hour wins that day’s cash.  Once a week, an Audi Q5 (or $40,000 cash) is given to the person with the most consecutive correct answers in a single game for the week.  Players get three chances per day (12:00:01 AM Pacific Time (PT) to 11:59:59 PM PT) to play so don’t get discouraged if you find you’re not doing so well.

Should one get stuck in the game they can purchase a hint (HINT) or buy their way out of a question (SKIP) for $1 each.  Players get a $6 per game or $95  monthly allowance.  Winners are posted on the T-Mobile 4G PayDay page.  Oh, and we checked the FAQs… you can only win the $4,000 once.

T-Mobile customers who are ready to get started can text START to 4444 to review and accept the rules.  The clock starts once the first question is answered.  GOOD LUCK!

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  1. Be careful those hints and skips are real money. The text messages are not free either. They’ll pay for this promotion very easily. I got up to 17 right today. Don’t think that will cut it. Some of the questions aren’t easy to find in Google.

  2. Just tried it and it takes way too long for each text to come through for it to be a real contest.  I put the answer to the 28th question in 10 minutes ago and still no response.