October 1, 2014

T-Mobile Giving Away $4,000 a Day with '4G PayDay' Trivia Contest

Starting today, and running through October 2nd, T-Mobile is giving their customers the chance to win a daily prize of $4,000 (Get it? 4G’s).  The T-Mobile 4G PayDay contest is a multiple-choice trivia challenge played via text message with rather simple rules.  The person with the most consecutive correct answers in the span of one hour wins that day’s cash.  Once a week, an Audi Q5 (or $40,000 cash) is given to the person with the most consecutive correct answers in a single game for the week.  Players get three chances per day (12:00:01 AM Pacific Time (PT) to 11:59:59 PM PT) to play so don’t get discouraged if you find you’re not doing so well.

Should one get stuck in the game they can purchase a hint (HINT) or buy their way out of a question (SKIP) for $1 each.  Players get a $6 per game or $95  monthly allowance.  Winners are posted on the T-Mobile 4G PayDay page.  Oh, and we checked the FAQs… you can only win the $4,000 once.

T-Mobile customers who are ready to get started can text START to 4444 to review and accept the rules.  The clock starts once the first question is answered.  GOOD LUCK!

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