Transdroid Yanked from Android Market, Start of a Crackdown?

In a posting on his blog, Transdroid developer, Eric Kok is reporting that his torrent app has been removed from the Android Market after two years of successful sales.

A quote from the posting on the developers blog:

I have just received an e-mail from Google that Transdroid, both the free and donate version, have been pulled form the Android Market. This is due to apparent violations in the content policies of publishing in the Android Market:

This is a notification that the application, Transdroid Torrent Manager with package ID org.transdroid has been removed from Android Market due to a violation of the Developer Content Policy. Please review the Content Policies and Business and Program Policies before you create or upload additional applications.
Note that Transdroid has been available for around 2 years on the Android Market. During this time there have been over 400.000 users who downloaded the app, who rated the app with a very high 4.6 stars average. Also, the Torrent Search module connecting to news feeds of sites that link to trackers by which media content can be obtained is still available.

The developer of the app has emailed Google to get a reasoning as to why the app was removed, but has gotten no response. Kok has stripped out the search functionality in the app in an effort to get the app reinstated in the Market, and it waiting to hear if this was the issue.

Could this be a sign of Google cracking down on apps that allow people to pirate content, even if they disclaimer that they do not host or link to said content? It will be interesting to see for sure, but the good news is that you can always get the .apk from a third party source if you desire. More info as it becomes available on this story.

  • Anonymous


  • Sal

    lets not over react about crackdowns. Plenty of other popular torrent apps in the market still. Swarm, Torrent-fu (which i love). 

  • But this is just a front-end/interface to a torrent server that the user runs and lets not forget there are plenty of legal reasons to use bit torrent as many smaller linux distributions rely on the method to distribute their CD images without incurring massive hosting costs. The app itself doesn’t actually download anything so this seems completely pointless!

  • Anonymous

    I use the embedded browser in Android to access the uTorrent remote access feature, so Google better eliminate the browser in future versions…

  • “The developer of the app has emailed Google to get a reasoning as to why the app was removed, but has gotten no response.”

    We’re talking about Google here, they don’t call you back even if you are trying to give them money. 

    (Google Earth Pro Customer)

  • Wtf.  My single favorite Android app.  And, one of my favorite things to rub in the face of tech savvy iPhone users.

  • I noticed it was gone about 2 days ago, was glad I had a backup, hopefully it gets put back up or the dev continues work and distributes it in another way.  Great app

  • Commenter1

    Google is playing its dangerous game. Its search engine facilitates piracy to a very large extent. This type of behavior can backfire with claims from media industry to filter google search results.

  • Guest

    you can still get it from their website directly :

    1 thing about android is that you can bypass the market.

    I’ll stick with transdroid ass they have presets for xirvik.  i may check out the others just to be aware of what’s on the market.

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