Rumor: Samsung to Launch Faster Galaxy S II in September

This rumor details an updated version of Samsung’s Galaxy S II flagship phone, giving it a 1.4GHz dual-core processor instead of the current 1.2GHz.

Apparently, Samsung is preparing an updated version of its Exynos chipset. It will keep the same GPU and RAM, but the processor speed will be bumped. The new chipset could be included in an NFC-capable version of the handset, or perhaps a new smartphone entirely.

ITProPortal claims this bump in speed is so Sammy can better compete with Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5, which is also expected in September. Of course, this is only speculation at the moment, and nothing is set in stone.

So, do we have any Galaxy S II owners out there? How will you feel if this updated smartphone is an exact replica of yours, with NFC and a faster processor? Let us know in the comments or over on our Facebook Wall!

Source: gsmarena

  • R063r

    I have sgsII and i think that changing values from 1,2 to 1,4 is very poor improvement..nfc support is nice,but here in europe is this service in early stage..but if price will stay same as now,its a nice boost from samsung..

  • Liddellw1

    I really don’t see that as a big deal. I am very satisfied with the Galaxy S I have. It’s fast enough and gets the job done better than the Iphone or any other smartphone that I am aware of and I should know I’ve own several.

  • Anonymous

    interesting because originally sgs2 planned to launch at 1 ghz then delayed and bumped to 1.2 ghz in anticipation of the iphone5, which was expected to come out this month.

  • It must be probably an overclocked SGS II..

  • It must be probably an overclocked SGS II..

  • I’d be happy if the regular GS2 would just get released on VZW.  By the time Verizon launches the phone, the new one will be out in Europe.

  • Cousoulu

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