Microsoft convinces yet another Android Vendor to sign a patent protection deal.


The power of Microsoft has struck again! They’ve added another vulnerable vendor, General Dynamics Itronix. It was announced on June 27th that General Dynamics Itronix signed a patent agreement with Microsoft for Itronix devices running Android. General Dynamics Itronics (GDI) have signed this document because it could or may infringe upon patents that Microsoft owns.

In a press release, both parties state that Microsoft will receive royalties from General Dynamics Itronix. GDI’s portfolio consists of rugged mobile tablets, netbooks and ultramobile PCs. GDI devices are running various versions of Windows, according to spec sheets.

The GD300, a rugged Wearable Computer for the military, federal/civil and commercial field service personnel is Android based, and is designed to support a range of missions, being lightweight, and sporting an ultrasensitive GPS.

It is said that Microsoft is making more from Android patent deals then it is from licensing the Windows Phone operating system. Microsoft has also signed patent agreements with Amazon, TomTom and more.

Recently, Microsoft has been trying to get vendors running Linux Based Android to sign their patent agreement, to convince them to pay royalties. Microsoft is likely doing this to cover patent infringements.

Source ZDNet

  • Carlos

    I think what you meant was microsoft is doing this to make up for their losses by releasing the inferior product known as windows phone.

  • Anonymous

    The new mobile business policy from m$: if you can’t beat ’em, extort ’em.
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  • Mil

    Microsoft is nothing but a hypocritical, evil company. It was only a few weeks ago they stated they were concentrating on reforming the patent system because some company did to them what Microsoft is doing to every Tom, Dick and Harry (ref: Microsoft need to grow up and bring some innovation to the table instead of trying to bring innovative companies to the ground and hampering technology progress for everyone. (And Apple is no better).

  • Bill

    wah wah wah, if you dont like it stop stealing microsoft technology. when is google going to step up and pay for its hardware makers for the breaches it is causing them? let me guess, never, because google sucks. all it can do is steal and hide in the corner when it gets caught.

  • Microsoft needs to worry about becoming an innovator again, instead of extorting money because they are too big to fight.

  • Microsoft needs to worry about becoming an innovator again, instead of extorting money because they are too big to fight.

  • Niumisusn

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  • beefy1221

    Does this not violate law by raising the cost of android devices manufactured by these companies, thereby unfairly making phones running windows phone 7 more cost competitive?

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  • Jackhoward

    i agree carlos