G5 Entertainment Releases 5 Games on Android

Hope you have lots of free time coming up because G5 Entertainment just dropped their first five game in the  Android Market today.  While these might be new to our beloved platform, they have already established themselves over on PC, Mac, and iOS.  Each is free to download and play with in-app purchases for the full expanded game.  We checked and found at least two of them to cost $3.04 US to purchase the full version.  

  • Supermarket Mania lets players play as Nikki, running 5 grocery store as and trying to keep them full of products and happy customers.
  • Stand O’Food is a good ol’ fashioned restaurant challenge game where players must feed their patrons and cook up the right meals as quickly as possible.
  • Success Story – Build the proper burger for your customer and serve it with the right side orders and desserts before they get made and leave!
  • Mahjong Artifacts – Three modes of game play modes will help you unwind with this classic game of strategy and skill.  Features five exotic cultures with music inspired by ancient melodies.
  • Mahjong Artifacts: Chapter 2 is even more of the addictive tile-matching classic with hundreds of layouts, powerups, trophies, and more.

If you are running Android 2.1 or higher, head to the Android Market and grab a few of these.  Even though they are not necessarily “optimized” for tablets, they look pretty sharp!  One thing to keep in mind, the games are around 40MB in size so you may want to get on your Wi-Fi connection before downloading one or more.

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