Gamevil to Offer Zenonia 3 for Free!

The above image speaks for itself!  Gamevil, maker of games like Baseball Superstars 2011 and of course the first two Zenonia games announced via twitter that they are going to be offering the latest iteration of said franchise for free on the Android Market sometime today.

As of press time for this article, the game was not posted yet, but be on the lookout throughout the day if you are a fan of the franchise!

  • It is available now.  I just downloaded it but haven’t played it yet.

    • Sgales001

      I’m stuck in town of delroy trying to find bronze for the dog. Where do I get it and how please help!

      • any other dude

        you have to stand to the side (left or right) of the ore (looks like blueish crystals)
        and press attack/interact to mine ores 😉

  • Damien Nospam

    attack the jewels you see in shade woods to get bronze. I am fighting tariq now. there is actually someone lv. 60 you have to fight.Mr regret’s father,antoine, he slows your speed and damage is1000+!!!!