OfficeMax Mobile Print Center: On-the-go Printing Made Easy

OfficeMax aims to make my life a tad bit easier thanks to their newly released Print Center app. With OfficeMax Print Center, I can upload, customize and schedule just about any document or image to be printed and picked up at any of OfficeMax’s 900+ ImPress® Print Centers. I all too often find myself having to drive back to the office to print a document, all while passing dozens of OfficeMax stores and wondering, “if only I could…” Seriously though, I’m not exaggerating, I find myself in this situation at least once a week.

The OfficeMax Print Center app is a full-service mobile printing app unlike “photo only” printing apps such as the Kodak Pic Flick App I can add documents from my phone, my email, and even Google Docs. I can create a document library, view my job history, and easily locate a store all from within the app. Customizing prints is a breeze with options to change paper size, type, color and more. Once submitted I can keep up with the status of my print jobs by opting to receive mobile text messaging alerts. I’d really prefer an in-dash wireless printer installed in my car but until that day, OfficeMax Print Center to the rescue!

Download: OfficeMax Print Center

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