T-Mobile Getting HTC Flyer & Evo 3D

Now, before you start jumping for joy on this one, there’s a catch or two. Let’s start with the HTC Flyer. It’ll be coming to T-Mobile, but only the UK branch has announced it for later this month. No word on pricing or if they’ll rename it, like Sprint‘s Evo View 4G.

Moving on, the FCC has always been our friend when it comes to withholding information — or failing to do so — and today is no different. The guys over at Phandroid got their hands on an FCC filing for an HTC Evo 3D (referenced as the PG8300) with T-Mobile AWS bands. That’s about all we know at this point, but we’ll keep you in the loop if anything else comes in.

So, it looks like T-Mobile is bringing the heat in the next few months. Anyone excited to possibly get the Evo 3D on T-Mobile? Think it’ll outsell the Sensation 4G? Leave a comment below, or hit us up on our Facebook Wall!

  • Anonymous

    Ill be selling my sensation IMMEDIATLY when they release it….

    • Anonymous

      Really? That’s surprising, since the only real difference is more RAM and 3D for the Evo 3D. 🙂 But to each his own, i suppose

      • Anonymous

        Don’t fool yourself the ram isn’t the only difference in these devices. The evo 3d is simply the better device all in all. I even feel it looks better than the sensation but that’s just me as an evo 3d owner. Battery life the EVO 3D is the best android device on the market battery wise..

  • Anonymous

    I love how exclusive phones are no longer exclusive because i that’s the case, i want the sensation on sprint fuck that

    • Jayq330

      They might have exclusivity in America, which is why It’s only being showed for Europe.
      But since they own the EVO name brand T-Mobile might have to pay royalties or something.
      Imagine the Droid3 on T-Mobile,I’m pretty sure any network would slow there granny phones to be sold without a fee. But if you think about it other countries always had phones that are exclusive to American carriers.

      • Jayq330

        Damn swipe has a mind of is own. What I meant was I’m pretty sure any network wouldn’t allow there exclusive phone to….

  • Rickja123

    woww you guys need to stop jumping for joy, this evo 3d is MOST LIKELY going to Canada.

    • it would be sweet to see wind or mobi carry it fo sho

  • The only real difference is more RAM and 3D for the Evo 3D…whish makes it  attractive.

  • If T-Mobile does get the phone, it would show that not only has Sprint lost exclusivity over the EVO branding internationally, but also in the U.S.

  • I agree with WFG Canada that the main is in RAM AND 3D , Which makes it more attractive and stylish…

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