Unannounced Motorola Device Captured in the Wild

Pop Herald has spotted an Android phone, along with our friend Mr. Blurrycam. Although we don’t know specific details about this device, guessing never hurt anyone.

First of all, it’s obviously a Motorola phone running Android. It’s got a pretty big screen and it’s not equipped with a hardware keyboard that we can see. It does have a front-facing camera, so it’s possible that this is a non-carrier branded version of the Droid Bionic, which also has its front-facing cam on the upper left. We’ll try to do some digging, but I sense a controlled leak.

What do you think? Could this be Motorola’s newest offering? Leave a comment below or visit us on our Facebook Wall!

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  1. Jmwils3
    July 01, 19:59 Reply

    if i had to hazard a guess, its the droid 3/hd. It has the same layout as the two previous droids, with the edition of the new blur and FFC. I think the keyboard is just hidden in this pic. Just a theory, tho

    • Nicobaggia
      July 01, 20:27 Reply

      I agree, it’s The droid 3: it has The same shape and design of The previous droids

      • Anonymous
        July 01, 20:33 Reply

        Droid 3 has a different lip. You guys must not read other android sites.

        • Anonymous
          July 03, 06:11 Reply

          It’s sparky the new bionic design. I’m not so sure. I’m going to say it wil have the omap 4460. Hopefully with a vr 545-mp8 or higher. If not then it’s just another incremental increase

      • Rickja123
        July 01, 21:21 Reply

        Derp derp, the droid 3 has the camera on the RIGHT side

  2. Anonymous
    July 01, 20:33 Reply

    Its the bionic clear pics of this have leaked weeks ago

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    July 06, 01:45 Reply

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