Galaxy S II Reached 3 Million Units Sold, Still Climbing

Well, we honestly can’t say we’re surprised. If you look at the success of the original Galaxy S, it’s no shocker that its successor would sell. At any rate, Samsung has announced that they’ve officially sold over 3 million Galaxy S II units, just 55 days after its release. If you do a little math, that’s one Galaxy S II sold every one and a half seconds. The S II also managed to outdo the original Galaxy S, which took 85 days to break the 3 million mark.

This is all well and good, but it’s a far cry from Sammy’s goal of 60 million units by the end of the year. Bottom line: they’ve got some work to do. So with that being said, who out there owns a Galaxy S II? Are you happy with your device? Sound off in the comments below, or on our Facebook Wall! We look forward to your feedback!

Thanks to Ron from OLED-Info for the tip.

  • Jake

    Bring it to Verizon, make it LTE, and you’ll double those numbers overnight.

  • Mil

    They could easily hit 60 million if they weren’t suffering from supply issues.

  • Thekarens

    I’d like it a whole lot more if it was available in the US. I’m planning on it being my next phone.

  • Spoken Word™

    Is that sold to customers or sold to distributors/retail outlets? Because if that’s not units in customers hands, it doesn’t mean jack.

  • Boqntattoo

    I own a SGS2…It’s the best device i’ve owned so far.I’ve had many smartphones thru the years-from Nokia’s N series,Iphone 3G,HTC HD2 to the SGS2 I own now and the Samsung is far better than anything I’ve seen or used before.My wife has the SE Arc and even her phone doesn’compare with the Samsung…Amazing device…Samsung realy nailed it this time.Good job guys!!!

  • Hal

    I have SGS Vibrant and while there are some things that I love about it (screen), they really screwed up the performance out of the box. The phone has to have a hack applied to run ok, and I haven’t yet solved my gps fix issues after months of ownership.

    I plan to sit one out with Samsung. Looking at that HTC Sensation.

    • Your loss then, The SGS2 is fantastic. I understand the reluctance, I felt the same about getting a Samsung, but really the SGS2 is almost perfect, straight out of the box.

      • Anonymous

        I couldn’t agree more. I also came from the SGS which had huge potential for being a very fast phone but Samsung did screw up the firmware which led most people to custom firmware to get the true potential. But the SGS2 is a league of it’s own. It’s the first Android phone where I really feel there is no need to install a custom firmware because the stock firmware is pretty much lag free and without major issues. In fact, I’ve even found very little minor issues.

  • Anonymous

    And it even hasn’t even released in the U.S. yet!! Wow. A invasion for sure!!!! Come on Sprint…

  • thanks for the psot) very interesting)

  • Samsung Galaxy is very highly demanded in market and after reached 3 millions units sold it still on climb just because of its Rates,quality and services..

  • It’s gonna take some kind of huge snafu to keep this phone from owning the smartphone market in 2011. The sooner it reaches the US, the bigger the window of dominance.

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