October 31, 2014

Android Pushes HTC Closer to Competition

HTC is one of the leading tech companies in the world and their smartphones are always top-notch. People love the amazing build quality and beauty of HTC devices. HTC has launched several devices in the past, and most of them are Android-powered. Back at MWC, they introduced the Desire S, Incredible S, ChaCha, Wildfire S, Salsa, and HTC Flyer, and later launched the Sensation and Evo 3D.

All these mentioned devices are amazing, and it looks like they’re giving HTC some amazing revenue as well. HTC recently released their Q1 sales report, and they sold almost 9.4 million devices, which is obviously not a bad result. Now HTC is at it again with their Q2 report, boasting more than 11 million devices sold in Q2 2011 alone.

Thanks to devices like the Sensation, Flyer, and EVO 3D, HTC was able to achieve this highmark. With this increase, we can tell that HTC is becoming a mainstream contender for the other manufacturers, like Samsung and Motorola.

So, who’s rocking an HTC Android device? Anyone surprised that they did so well in Q2? Leave a comment below, or on our Facebook Wall!

Source Talk Android