Android Pushes HTC Closer to Competition

HTC is one of the leading tech companies in the world and their smartphones are always top-notch. People love the amazing build quality and beauty of HTC devices. HTC has launched several devices in the past, and most of them are Android-powered. Back at MWC, they introduced the Desire S, Incredible S, ChaCha, Wildfire S, Salsa, and HTC Flyer, and later launched the Sensation and Evo 3D.

All these mentioned devices are amazing, and it looks like they’re giving HTC some amazing revenue as well. HTC recently released their Q1 sales report, and they sold almost 9.4 million devices, which is obviously not a bad result. Now HTC is at it again with their Q2 report, boasting more than 11 million devices sold in Q2 2011 alone.

Thanks to devices like the Sensation, Flyer, and EVO 3D, HTC was able to achieve this highmark. With this increase, we can tell that HTC is becoming a mainstream contender for the other manufacturers, like Samsung and Motorola.

So, who’s rocking an HTC Android device? Anyone surprised that they did so well in Q2? Leave a comment below, or on our Facebook Wall!

Source Talk Android

  • Chris

    Useless blog post.

    • bobomb

      Useless comment.

      I love me some HTC.  They just make top-notch stuff. So far my wife and I have both had a Hero, and I have an Evo right now.  Can’t wait for the next sweet sweet HTC phone that’ll be out when I get an upgrade.

  • Phil Purcell

    Have the Thunderbolt and Sensation, Love the design and build of both.

  • Brummiejoe

    Good luck to htc for embracing android but this smells like a post to get htc freebies for the authors

  • Sherry Siegel

    My Incredible failed spectacularly within 3 months. Since HTC doesn’t think that warrants replacement with a new phone (“refurbished” means used, ya know), I learned that HTC thinks 3 mos. is a reasonable amount of time for its products to last. My next phone won’t be from HTC. 

    • Anonymous

      Can’t complain about my Incredible, 1 year plus, still ticking and I sweetened the deal with Cyanogen 7 Gingerbread.   Wonderful phone.

  • Dan Monzelowsky

    Currently rocking a Thunderbolt. I’ve owned a G1 and Nexus One in the past.

  • Jam7516

    Haha just bought my second HTC phone the Thunderbolt I
    ts amazing HTC is simply just too good

  • Jagjeep

    While HTC’s successes are deserved, HTC will find it difficult to sustain their market place. Owners of their equipment continue to be frustrated by HTC’s failures at upgrading the software for models such as the Incredible and Thunderbolt.  There are lots of competitive manufacturers of mobile phones.  In the final analysis, as it is with every product, it is the service that matters most when the customer decides on replacements.

  • youngbee211

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  • Jim

    I love my HTC Inspire, plus I rooted and installed sense 3.0 and gingerbread, HTC= 🙂

  • I told my brother a year ago to sell Apple and  invest in HTC. He wasm’t into the idea of investing in the Korean Market even though I KNEW HTC would explode after EVO 4G. At least I knew how to pick a winner. 

    • Nick

      HTC is not Korean, that would be Samsung and LG, I fairly sure HTC are from Taiwan

  • Isn’t this what is called a puff piece in the US?

  • Bradley

    I have the HTC Incredible 2(kin to Incredible S) while its not 4g or dual core, its by far one of the best phones I’ve ever owned. It is a world phone built like no other with the 4″ screen front facing camera(+ 8px rear) and 1Ghz Snapdragon processor. Its absolutely amazing. I have an upgrade coming soon(Verizon/USA) There will be no need for me to get a new device. I’m on this one for awhile!

  • Dom

    I’ve been using HTC for years and I do love their phones, however, the combination of inferior hardware and locked bootloader resulted in my purchase of a Samsung Galaxy S2 and i have to say that HTC are going to have to pull out something pretty amazing next time I get a phone for me to go back to them.

  • I really like HTC, I have both an Evo 4G and the Evo View 4G tablet.  Only think I dislike about HTC is they are slow on software updates because Sense is so ingrained into Android.  I’d much rather have HTC make Sense like other launchers ADW or launcher pro. And to focus on their apps. That way they could potentially release Sense updates separate from Android updates.  Which may be the way they are moving with OpenSense API.

  • unanimous

    Im on my second HTC Android phone, and while I agree with allot of the content of this blog post, it is very poorly written.

  • EVO FTW!!1 Best electronic device I’ve ever owned…ever!

  • Thetunicakid

    Dude what planet do you live on. Mainstream contender? LOL HTC crushes motorola and samsung.

  • I love my HTC ChaCha.