Sony Tablet Video Series Continues with Part 2


Sony Ericsson is back today with the second in a planned series 5 planned videos to help hype their upcoming S1 and S2 tablets.  Like its predecessor(s), the clip is slow moving and full of tease, never stopping long to show either tablet.  We dig the way these videos are put together, but come away feeling like we need to see more.  I guess that means they’re working, right?

After seeing a brief glimpse of the S2 and its dual-screen display, we can definitely see why it’s not super popular among the internal Sony camp.  That’s a lot of space to in the middle and we’re always leery of making developers write differently for a second screen.  Who knows… maybe the next few videos will sell us on the design.  Anyone else feel like these videos will be staggered out until the tablets arrive this fall?

Hi the break to see a few images we grabbed from the video as well as the actual clip itself.[youtube][/youtube]

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