Verizon Confirms July 7th Date for Tiered Data Switch

Well, we knew this day was coming sooner or later. Verizon has confirmed the date for what many people feared: their switch from unlimited data plans to tiered data plans. Starting on July 7th (that’s this Thursday, folks), Verizon will offer three options for smartphone users. VZW customers can pay $30 per month for 2GB of data,  $50 for 5GB, and $80 for 10GB, which is pretty much the rumored pricing we heard about last month. For every gigabyte that users go over, they’ll be charged an additional $10. Big Red is also offering a “$10 for 75MB per month” plan for feature phones.

Now, the majority of VZW customers aren’t happy about this switch, but we have to wonder, how many people actually use 10GB of data every month? According to Nielsen, the average user pulls down around 600MB per month, but high end users grab around 4.6GB monthly.  Of course, there are several heavy users that will probably go well over the 10GB mark. But when we look at the average consumer, how many people will use more than 5GB?

With that being said, there’s only a few questions for us to ask you guys (and gals): what do you think about the switch to tiered data plans? How many of you think you’ll go over 10GB? Sound off in the comments below, or on our Facebook Wall!

Source Fierce Wireless

  • Pfflynn

    If the “average user” consumes 4.6GB, then it’s highly likely that a significant % of people will exceed 5GB. 10GB per month? Seems unlikely but I’m willing to bet that a lot of surprise bills are going to be seen in the next few months after this kicks in.

    • No, the average is 600mb…. the high-end is 4.6 if I’m reading the article correctly. Even so, it’s still bs and I’m glad that I’ve stuck with US Cellular for all this time.  

  • youngbee211

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  • scumbag verizon: buy up all the spectrum, drop unlimited data plans.

  • It has come to a sad end Mr. V

  • Andy21

    Going to Metro PCS,,,screw this

  • Just great preatty awesome!

  • The reason the “average” is so low is because of the relative infancy in smartphone adoption with the big V. Up until about a year and a half ago, blackberry was pretty much all you had in terms of a smartphone.

    Then even when Android came on the scene, there wasn’t much in terms of bandwidth-hogging programs.

    Enter Netflix. While I don’t believe many people actually use this on their phone, some will, and it’s indicative of other high-bandwidth programs being used as well. This helps explain why projected averages are expected to rise exponentially.

    There’s no fighting big red, but I’m thoroughly disappointed. Yes, they will make out bigtime, and yes, I’m happy to own stock in the company. That small silver lining doesn’t make up for the extra I’m likely to have to pay. 

  • Camaro30584

    I think its ridiculous that they keep reaching there filthy hands deeper into our pockets. They should offer a cheaper data plan and the unlimited. Two tiers.

  • Really it’s a question of going over 2GB, isn’t it, since 2GB is the same price as the current unlimited? Haven’t been keeping track of my data until today. Surprised to see that I’ve used 2.2GB in 23 days. Streaming music & GPS nav I guess. Disappointing, because my wife is moving to a corporate plan, which will probably mean I won’t be able to keep my grandfathered unlimited plan.

    • Jayq330

      There was an official Verizon post that said everyone with the unlimited plan can keep there unlimited data even when upgrading & so I’m sure you’ll be able to keep it.just make sure you let them know you saw this posted.

  • Mattharader

    As always T-Mobile has the best pricing and network. T-Mobile offers 5 GB for $30 without overage fees. Why would anyone choose ATT or Verizon. Heck even Sprint is better than those two.

    • Jayq330

      T-Mobiles unlimited plan only gives 2 gigs of unthrottled data but after the 2 gigs it gets throttled, that’s why I didn’t switch from my 1500 minutes-unlimited data (5 gigs) & messaging $75 plan. They don’t have the 5 gigs for 30 bucks anymore. At&t came & ruined everything. That’s why i switched to Sprint, I thought Wimax would be slow but It’s pretty fast, between 7 to 10th mbs on average & 12 mbs when it spikes. It was good on T-Mobile while it lasted though.

  • Jbevers77

    I’ve used over 4.5 Gigs in 10 days.  I’m pretty sure I’ll go over.  I use Netflix, Pandora, GPS, and social media heavily on my phone.  I stream pandor and Netflix for about 8 hours total a day due to my comute and work.  It’s not that hard to go over if your phone is your main source of internet usage.

  • Jayq330

    Sprint’s unlimited & I get downloads of 8 to 11 mbs all over new York, is good to watch netflix on my Droid without any worry of going over any capped data,minutes…anything. It’s not 15 mbs but you really can’t tell the difference when downloading over 8 mbs,there’s no way I’ll ever pay 50 for 5 gigs. It’s not that I can’t,It’s that i won’t & no one should either.that’s just abuse,but Verizon doors have good coverage which is why is what Sprint uses when roaming,unlimited too. So is not such a bad deal & great price for unlimited plans.