October 21, 2014

Android Leads US Market with 38 Percent Share

The latest comScore MobiLens report was released this week, covering the three month time frame ending in May 2011.  According to their findings there are now more than 76 million smart phone users in the United States, up 11 percent from the three month period ending in February.

Android has solidified their hold on first place with a surges of 5.1 percent over the previous quarter.  Not only does Android lead all platforms, but the growth is higher than any other mobile operating systems.  Apple’s iOS grew by 1.4 percent to take over second place while RIM dipped 4.2 percent to land in third.  Rounding out the top five are Microsoft at 5.8 percent and Palm at 2.4 percent.

In terms of which handset makers are selling the best in the United States, comScore reports that Samsung held strong at 24.8 percent with LG following at second with 21.1 percent and Motorola at 15.1 percent.  Of course, this isn’t just smart phones, but all mobile devices.