Motorola XOOM Wi-Fi Now $499

A few months after launching their first Honeycomb tablets, Motorola has dropped the price down to a more reasonable figure. For all the awesome hardware and Android 3.1 greatness inside, there has been one problem plaguing the XOOM – it’s too expensive. Perhaps in an effort to fend off the ASUS EeePad Transformer and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, Moto has shaved a cool hundred off the Wi-Fi edition of the tablet.
It will be interesting to see if the contracted prices get dropped a bit as well. Maybe this is part of a sweeping price change ahead of a new model? If you are on the fence about buying a XOOM for yourself, then be sure to read our review.

So folks, tell us are you finally getting XOOM Wi-Fi or happy with your ASUS or Samsung tablet? Or are you just not planning on getting tablet at all?

Source: Motorola (Twitter)

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  • Jetman36

    i love my acer iconia a500 with 3.1 on it. i use it everyday. $450 well spent i think.

  • I would like galaxy tab, and i help u find a comparison between them:

  • thanks a lot for thr review!

  • UbuntuMan

    The price of the Xoom should have started from the beginning at $499.

  • Anonymous

    16gb more than the tab, and with sd card…might be worth it for the slightly bigger form.

  • Anonymous

    16gb more than the tab, and with sd card…might be worth it for the slightly bigger form.

  • Jamie Carl

    I already have a Notion Ink Adam that I don’t use, so I will probably not be buying one.  Which is a bit of a shame because I feel like I really want one. 🙁

  • Kevindismore

    I own a Xoom, I bought it I think to early without realizing the sd card did not work. So from April to August with a product that was only 50% of its potential available. This is why figures are poor, who wants a product that doesn’t work properly. But with that said I’m still happy with it and I use it all the time, and the 3.1 updte coming ( fingers crossed ) next week it feels like 6 months after purchase I am finally getting what I payed for. Inshalla