Tablet-Friendly Version of Words With Friends Returns to Android Market

Honeycomb tablet owners will be pleased to learn that Zynga’s popular Scrabble alternative Words With Friends has returned to the Android Market.  After being available for more than a few months, users with 3.0+ tablets were suddenly unable to download or update the game.   Although it wasn’t pulled from the market altogether, it was only showing up for handsets.  Fast forward a few days and now we have the game back.  And it’s better than ever.

There look to be two versions in the Android Market, depending on what you device you use.  Smart phones get a 3MB release in v3.52 while tablets are seeing v3.59, which is slightly larger at around 5MB.  We played a few games on our Galaxy Tab 10.1 and found it to look and feel exactly the way we had hoped for since its announcement.  Finally, we have fragments and split screens!  We’ll have to wait a day or two to see if notifications are working properly, but we’re happy with what we see so far.

  • Guest

    Notifications are not working properly.  I get notifications that it is my turn when it isn’t.  Also when the application loads it doesn’t always show the games that are my turn to play.