Verizon Planning to Offer HTC Thunderbolt for Free

 With the HTC Thunderbolt launched a few months ago for $249, there is word today that people who have been waiting for the price to come down are soon going to be pleased.  How much is the Thunderbolt going to be discounted?  How does getting Verizon’s first LTE enabled handset for free sound?Well, that’s what Verizon is planning to do as VZBuzz got their hands on a shot which is telling us that Big Red is planning to put their best selling phones on sale. HTC Thunderbolt is one of the best devices available at Verizon Wireless and it will be available for free, but when? No word on that as of yet. As we recently informed you that Verizon is planning to bring tiered data plan on July 7th (coming Thursday), so my guess is that Verizon will be putting these devices on sale at the same day. There will be 50% sale on Droid X and Motorola Citrus as well.

We will inform you when the sale will go live, so who’s looking forward to buy the HTC Thunderbolt when it goes free, anyone?

  • Shimamasu

    Nuh. I will wait for Bionic or GSII to retire my OG Droid….

  • i also like HTC phone. HTC is active demanded in China. i expect
    HTC Thunderbolt!

  • Mscottie

    Guess you were wrong….

  • Rob J Ewing

    This is fake..btwvwhy are there two Thunderbolt’s and it says next to it save 50%….nice try guys…