Amazon Announces New Options for Amazon Cloud Drive with Unlimited Space for Music

Facing stiff competition from Apple’s iCloud, Google Music, Best Buy, and the impending stateside arrival of Spotify, Amazon announced a trio of enhancements to their Amazon Cloud Drive and Cloud Player. Taking effect immediately, Amazon is now offering storage plans that include unlimited space for music, free storage for all Amazon MP3 purchases and a Cloud Player optimized iPad.

For a limited time, Amazon customers who buy a Cloud Drive storage plan will get unlimited space for their music (MP3, AAC/.m4a) files. Even the lowest price point of $20 for 20GB qualifies, so effectively you can unlimited music storage for $20/year. What’s more, Amazon will now let users store all future MP3’s purchased from Amazon at no cost and without counting against storage quota.

The Amazon Cloud Service, which launched back in March, gives all users 5GB of storage for hosting all sorts of digital files. This includes, but is not limited to photos, videos and documents.

Oh, and for those who already purchased the 20GB plan, you get the unlimited space for your music. Yessirree, that’s what we industry types like to refer to as “grandfathered in”.

  • woohoo…i’m a grandfather. wait, waht?

  • Anonymous

    Sorry for the late tip on this, missed the article. However, they are also issuing refunds to people who had previously purchased additional space.