According to Nielsen Research, Games Most Popular Mobile App Category in US

All your smartphone are belong to us! Apparently no one is using their smartphone to be productive, they just want to play games!

According to Nielsen research, games continue to be the most popular app category while productivity apps find themselves on the lower rungs of the ladder. This of course doesn’t surprise me one bit, what does surprise me is the fact that 93% of the people downloading games are actually willing to pay for them! Hear that developers? You’re more likely to get paid off of games vs. any other category. Chop, chop, start churning out those games!

iOS gamers still hold a commanding lead logging around 14.7 hours of gameplay each month while Android users trail behind with around 9.3 hours of gameplay each month. With faster chipsets, gaming-centric devices and increasing game development I see these numbers skyrocketing within the next 2 years. Now if only the battery companies would get with it so I don’t have to stay tethered to my wall while playing games on my mobile.

What do you say? Do you find yourself downloading/playing mostly games or do you actually use your phone to be more productive? Check out the pretty little charts below then feel free to sound off in the comments or on our Facebook Wall. Game On!

Source: Nielsen Wire

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  1. Lauren Pinney
    July 07, 19:29 Reply

    At first, I was shocked to see that so many people would be willing to pay for games. But on second thought, there is quite a bit of social coercion involved with smartphone gaming… If everyone has it, you want it!

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