Video Review of the HTC EVO 3D 4G on Sprint [VIDEO]

We at AndroidGuys were lucky enough to get some hands on time with the newly released EVO 3D 4G running on the Sprint network, and have had enough time to learn the in’s and out’s of the unit.  Continue reading to get our opinion on the handset, as well as a video going over the finer points of the phone.

I am going to let the video do most of the talking here, but I wanted to give you some bullet points about the things that I found out using the handset for the past week.

The Good

  • 3D is not as gimmicky as I thought.  It is a really nice touch, and if 3D ever gains broad acceptance for consumers, will be something that an owner of this phone will be glad they have.  Watching movies in 3D is a joy as well, although I am not keen on spending extra money just to watch a movie that is formated for the device.
  • Build Quality.  Coming off a run of owning Samsung devices, this HTC device feels solid in my hand, with good weight and heft.  It is thin enough to fit in your pocket comfortably, but has enough screen real estate to make browsing and gaming a true joy.
  • 4G is fast.  Really fast.  Geekgasm fast (depending where you are in the country of course, I tested in Boston).
  • Price.  At $200 on contract, you can’t go wrong.
  • Sense 3.0 is beautiful, it really adds a lot to the experience.

The Bad

  • Battery.  Man, this thing could suck the chrome off a caddy.  It sucks battery power down like a fat man at a buffet.  I was hoping with the dual core processor, it would help the battery life.  Buy an extra battery if you are getting this handset.
  • Weird power button.  The power button on the unit is really hard to get depressed for some reason, it may just be the unit I have here, but I have to really press on the button to get it to work.
  • Odd processes running randomly causing handset to heat up.
  • Lack of ability to share 3D images to some sort of service where the masses can see.

The Bottom Line

In my opinion, the pro’s outweigh the cons for this handset, and honestly I found myself using it more than my personal device.  I don’t think you will be disappointed getting it if you are aware of the drawbacks, and have the extra coin to buy an extra battery.  Check out the vid below to get the full scoop.


  • Kawaski47

    Batteries fine on mine! #you’redoingitwrong


  • Auky

    my battery is kicking ass too.. it sucks 3% every hour while sleeping and that’s very good!!

  • Auky

    my battery is kicking ass too.. it sucks 3% every hour while sleeping and that’s very good!!

  • My battery seems to be doing okay.  I wouldn’t say the drain rate is awesome, but I can get a workday out of it, and that seems good to me for such a powerful device.  Sense 3.0 is my first experience with a non-stock-Android GUI, and, surprisingly, I like it !  Also, I’m digging the low-light performance of the 2D camera.

  • KCNightwing

    Go get a new one. My power button was having problems(would not turn on no matter how hard it wasw pressed, would turn on sometimes, turn off at odd times). The button and the case cover were misaligned. Got a new one and it works perfectly.

  • I can see there are so many users who are talking about the battery of the device, I am worrying whether the product that you review has good battery life or functions.