Vlingo Releases Virtual Assistant 3.0 With Refreshed UI and Enhanced Features [VIDEO]

Vlingo  has released a refreshed version (3.0) of their Virtual Assistant application for Android today, with a number of significant changes.  The app feels like a brand new title thanks to a  cleaner, more intuitive user interface and improved local search.  The enhanced landing page and crisp graphics help new users to discover the potential behind the incredible voice-powered app without alienating existing users. The addition of support for several languages (French, Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese (beta), & Korean(beta)) will only broaden its appeal.

Vlingo 3.0 is free to install and works on any Android device running 2.0.1 and up! Hit the break for images, a video demo, and download links.



  • My question is can you use Vingo 3.0 with swiftkey and still use that for voice input? I cant on vingo 2.0 and the current version of swiftkey…..hmmmm