Rumor: U.S. Debut of Galaxy S2 Being Held up By Carriers

For all the success that Samsung has been having around the world with the Galaxy S 2, you’d have thought that the US carriers would be foaming at the mouth to begin selling the device.  Much like last year’s Galaxy S, the handset maker plans to offer the smart phone across most major carriers with each provider getting little exclusive features.  If the latest rumor is to be believed, the wireless providers are actually taking the opposite approach, dragging their feet over the device.

A Korean news outlet, Chosunilbo, is reporting that U.S. carriers have come to lean more on Motorola and HTC for Android phones as of late and that issues with the first Galaxy S have led to hesitation.

“Negotiations with American telecom companies have dragged on.”

The report goes on to say that the Galaxy S 2 isn’t quite as attractive as other brands because Motorola makes phones that work better with our CDMA network.  Well, part of that may be true, but two of the bigger U.S. carriers (T-Mobile, AT&T) employ GSM.  Perhaps part of this is lost in translation?  Either way, we’re hoping to see the device come to America soon.  The specifications are top-notch today, but further delays could impeded its stateside success.

Via: Androinica

  • Elvis

    Ugh! Gimme already! Lol

  • Daniel Chang

    Is qualcomm refusing to sell samsung better cdma radios or is samsung too cheap to upgrade?

  • I so hope this is false

  • jon

    My brother works at a sprint store and the epic gets the most complaints. So I am not surpirsed that the carriers don’t want another lemon to deal with. Especially Sprint which also had the horrendous Samsung moment on their roster.

    • i had the samsung moment, wasnt that bad, and now i got the Epic 4g, only issues i had was GPS and 4g radio didn’t work first 2 weeks, got it replaced for free (best buy insurance) no issues anymore with anything. its an awesome phone, i just hope Sprint (other carriers) make a deal soon with Sammie.

  • Cheech

    This is all about profit maximization and product lifecycle management.  You can’t rush too many phones into the channel at the same time.  You hold up on the S2 until there is a gap in the product pipeline.

  • Paxmos

    I have an unlocked version that works with ATT band and I love it. Anyone whose seen my phone has really liked it even iPhone users. Carrier’s loss, and don’t forget this is USA, big companies rule.

  • i like it.but I thought I did not have any money. Ouch!

  • Mptruong1010

    I have the samsung vibrant and it was flawed.  I would rather have gotten a motorola droid x, which i played with for awhile and felt it better.  I do not miss this phone.

  • Mike Biggs

    my wife and i have 2 facinates and they work fine, gps and all.  the only flaw was the long delay getting 2.2, hey its got the best GPU on the market ( still )SGX 540 

  • Michael801581

    Galaxy 2 already on Puerto Rico USA on Claro