T-Mobile UK Officially Launches HTC Sensation


The HTC Sensation was launched by T-Mobile USA last month and it’s currently their new flagship device. It was also launched by Bell and Virgin Mobile in Canada, and 3UK launched it in the UK. T-Mobile UK is ready to join 3UK and are offering this amazing HTC device for free on a 2-yr contract, starting from a monthly rate of £40. It’s a little more expensive than 3UK’s rate, but you get 1,200 minutes, 500 texts, and unlimited data. All in all, it seems like a pretty good deal. T-Mobile UK’s most expensive plan is £56.17 and will gives you unlimited minutes, 500 texts, and unlimited data. Their cheapest plan rings in at £10.21, but requires you to pay a £360 contract fee.

The Sensation isn’t a bad device and is really a tough competitor for Samsung Galaxy S II. If, for some reason, you aren’t into the Galaxy S II, then I am sure the Sensation will impress you. Both devices are among the best Android smartphones available on the market.

So is anyone looking forward to buying the Sensation from T-Mobile UK?



  1. I’m on Virgin Mobile in the UK and I would have gone for either of these 2 phones, depending which one they released.
    News is that the Sammy phone gets the nod, being released on VM on 18th July so that’s what I’ll go for.
    No pricing yet, but should be a free phone on £40 a month I imagine.
    I still have 4 months left on my current contract, but VM upgrade team called me last month to offer an early upgrade . Happy Happy, Joy Joy !!
    Really looking forward to the Samsung Camera. I’ve been using HTC for last 4 years and cameras are OK, but not great.

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