Updated Pie Chart on Android Developers Shows Gingerbread Growth, Honeycomb Struggling

That’s a lot of Froyo! The official Android OS version breakdown has been updated. While Froyo still continues to be the dominating version of Android with 59.4% of the pie, there are a few other interesting points that can be taken from this chart.

First of all, Gingerbread is growing. Looking back at March, Gingerbread only accounted for a measly 1% of the entire Android family of OS’, whereas now, it has 18.6%. We can only expect this number to grow, much like Froyo did late last year, with carriers and manufacturers pushing out new devices with 2.3 or updating current devices to 2.3. We should hopefully see 2.3 and 2.2 even out as the year progresses, as well as 2.1 disintegrate.

The saddening conclusion that can be taken from this chart is that Honeycomb is failing to sell. Back in March, with only the XOOM out, it barely made a presence with only 0.2%. Now, with quite a few Honeycomb tablets out, it still has just under 1% of the Android OS family. Hopefully, Android 3.2 will spark more interesting in Honeycomb.






  • D4whatver82

    People cant afford to buy a frivolous $500 tablet that does all the things their phone can do. That’s why it’s not selling.Almost all of my friends have made the jump to smartphones. None of them are even considering a tablet.

  • BigBrotha

    what a crap 99,5% with an outdated OS ! really nice !