Table ScrApps: eventseekr

You might realize it, but there’s something going on outside of your house. No, really.  We mean it.  Regardless of where you live or where you happen to be, there’s always something to do.  Eventseekr, an Android app, has been in the Market for a few weeks now, providing  users with an easy way to hunt down these local events, music, festivals, concerts, nightlife, and more.  Whether you are looking for a bite to eat, a concert to attend, or a ball game to take in, eventseekr has got your back.  

They Say: Find music, nightlife, festivals, sports and so much more! Eventseekr allows users to find events in their city, while the GPS function locates nearby hotels, restaurants and bars.

We Say: There’s quite a bit more to this app beyond simply finding something to do.  We like the ability to purchase tickets, view venues, and share our findings across Facebook.  We now have a bunch of reasons to leave the cozy air-conditioned confines of the house.  Considering it’s not optimized for Honeycomb, it still looks good on tablets.

Runs on Android 1.6+

Cost: FREE


  • Thanks for this post. I can easily hunt a place where I want to go. Can you elaborate this post?