March 29, 2015

EA Drops Scrabble into Android Market

Making good on last week’s promise, EA has released the official Scrabble application on Android.  Weighing in at 18MB+, the game can be downloaded on any handset running 2.1 and up.  Sorry tablet owners, you’re out of luck for now.  The game features cross-platform compatibility meaning you can take on iPhone, iPad, and Facebook (not really a platform, but whatever) in a battle for word supremacy.  Players can get involved with up to 50 games at a time, talk smack chat with opponents as well as keep track of stats.  A few minutes into SCRABBLE Free and we’re already in love.



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  1. Anonymous

    The game is nice and well put. My only pet peeve is that even if you quit you will still get notified if you still have an active game.

  2. Sweet James Jones

    EA really hates us tablet owners. They couldn’t just scale it up? Its scrabble not Madden…


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