GetJar to Apple: We Won’t be Subject to This Kind of Bullying

You’ve probably heard by now that Apple is trying to get a corner on the ‘App Store’ title.  As they see it, companies such as Amazon and, more recently, GetJar, shouldn’t be allowed to use the term. While big corporations may take an official stance and issue a press release or blog ‘statement’, they are usually dry reads and full of legalese.  However, when a singular person, perhaps a high level executive, takes to a blog, it’s a tad more fun to read.  Such is the case with GetJar CMO Patrick Mork and his response to Apple’s lawsuits.

Mork recently penned a somewhat lengthy post, letting his feelings on the subject be known.  He presents a timeline of events and facts which,of course, have Apple coming across as a bully.  The full article is definitely worth a read and really shows GetJar’s commitment to Android.  Aside from the Apple dust-up, Mork references the Microsoft licensing situation with Samsung.

Once you’re done checking out the post you’ll want to join the new Facebook cause, The Open And Free App Movement (#OFAM).

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  1. Harry
    July 11, 17:40 Reply

    Apples new product, the iSue you

  2. Harry
    July 11, 17:40 Reply

    Apples new product, the iSue you

  3. christian moon
    July 11, 20:45 Reply

    Once upon a time Apple were cap in hand to everyone because the public were disinterested in their lousy products. Now they are ‘cool’ and popular they have turned into the scum of the technology industry.

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