HTC Desire Gingerbread Update Passes Testing, Due by End of July

HTC recently made an announcement that Desire would not be getting an update to Android 2.3, due to its lack of sufficient memory. But after some deliberation (and negative response from Desire users), they decided to launch Gingerbread, minus a few apps to help with the memory issues.

We heard a few days ago that HTC had begun testing the update for Desire. Well, HTC has made another announcement via their Facebook page, stating that they are done with testing, and the Desire will officially receive some 2.3 love by the end of July. We’ll let you know when we get our hands on an official date.

So, Gingerbread is really coming, but how well do you think it will perform on your Desire? Who’s excited about the update?? Share your thoughts in the comment below, or on our Facebook Wall!

Source Android Police

  • Are there many quality apps that require Gingerbread to run? If not, then there’s not a lot to get too excited about here as Gingerbread itself doesn’t give a huge bump in functionality.

    Nice that us Desire owners aren’t forgotten, but by the time it gets released through my carrier (t-mobile UK) Christmas bells will be ringing.

  • Shaun Jennings

    I was kinda looking forward to it, but if it not going to get the full gingerbread update, what is the point? Cant something be done to improve memory in the desire?

  • Leftfield

    HTC Desire is the first phone which I really liked 100% but because of this gingerbread update not coming as they sad I am going to buy another company next time. [VERY ANGRY]