Samsung Hercules = Galaxy S II for T-Mobile?


The Samsung Galaxy S II was recently launched, and it’s one of the best Android devices available on the market. Unfortunately, people stateside can’t get their hands on this amazing device. But it looks like that’s about to change.

TmoNews is reporting that T-Mobile will be launching the Samsung Hercules in late September, which matches up with the leaked roadmap from a few months ago. There is a good possibility that this rumored device is a Galaxy S II for Magenta. We know it’s coming soon, but we’re still waiting for official words from Samsung and T-Mo.

So, is anyone looking forward to the Hercules? Do you think it’s a Galaxy S II, or just a T-Mobile Infuse 4G? Share your thoughts in the comments below, or on our Facebook Wall!


      • For shame, a US phone carrier not acting in the best intrest of the consumer? Thank God they are holding this phone back. With specs that advanced it’s bound to confuse and frustrate the common consumer. I rather have phones coming out with minimal hardware upgrades so technology doesn’t shock me. Let the store employee which phones to buy, takes the stress out of doing my own phone research!

  1. seriously guy its t mobiles version of the galaxy s to it has nothin in common with the infuse except screen size   do u seriously think samsung is goin to release their flagship phone on oly three 3 out of four carriers especially when a large chunk of their sales of the orginal galaxy s in the usa came from the samsung vibrant tmobile jus decided to be the odd man outand beef up the specs can you honestly think of a betta way to make people jump on a sinking ship