Droidin Delivers LinkedIn Groups on Android

DroidinLinkedIn announced on June 30th that they would open up support of a long-awaited groups API.  DroidIn has become the first Android app to take advantage of the new tools and issued an update V4.1 in the Android Market.  What’s the big deal?  This has been, by far, the most requested feature in Droidin support logs so our team is very happy and proud to finally plug this hole in LinkedIn support.

With this new addition, Droidin continues to be the most full featured implementation of LinkedIn API on any platform short of LinkedIn official website. If you haven’t tried it yet please give it a chance.  Should you find problems,  please let us know – Droidin remains one of the very few apps that has “feedback” option right on its landing page.


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  1. Anonymous
    July 13, 13:28 Reply

    Better than the LinkedIn App in my opinion. But as soon as Tweetdeck app offers LinkedIn capability…

    • Bo S.
      July 13, 16:52 Reply

      Tweetdeck tries to be everything in one single package. With ever growing richness of LinkedIn API it is a tough proposition. I don’t see why we can’t be one happy family covering various aspects of LinkedIn. Yes, there’s always be an overlap but one app will never serve all otherwise there will be exactly one app for Twitter, FB and others

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