Google Shopper 2.0 Arrives with Refreshed UI

Google has released a brand new version of their Shopper application today, making it easier for consumer to find, save and redeem local offers.  Previous users will notice a refreshed user interface, moving ‘Starred’ and ‘History’ to the top and placing new tabs across the bottom.

It’s pretty obvious that this version Google Shopper has been given a tweak that focuses around Google Wallet.  Nearby Offers presents offers listed in Google Places in two categories – ‘Eat’ and ‘Play’.  The My Offers tab let users find and save offers to be redeemed and check on offers that expire soon.  Folks living in Portland, Oregon, the San Francisco Bay Area and New York, will see be able to take advantage of the Today’s Offer (discounted goods or services) in your area.

Read more about the new version of Google Shopper on Google’s blog.