LG Optimus Pro and Optimus Net Leaked in Video

Yesterday we showed you a shot of the LG Optimus Pro, an Android device featuring a portrait QWERTY keyboard. Today, we have more interesting news about the Optimus Pro, and this time we have a video to show you. The demo video for the Optimus Pro can be found below. Unfortunately, the video is in Italian, but at least you can see the device in action. It’s rocking Android 2.3.3, an 800 MHz processor, 3MP camera, and a 2.8-inch display. These specs scream “mid-range” to us, but we’ll leave such judgments up to you.


Now lets have a look at the keyboard-less Optimus Net. This device is actually successor to the LG Optimus One. The Net features the same 800MHz CPU, Android 2.3.3, and a 3.2 inch display with 320 x 480 resolution. Have a look at the video below.


So, what do you think about these two new, good-looking devices? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below or on our Facebook Wall!

Source Phandroid

  • Thanks for the video

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