New Market Update Adds Movies and Books to Phones


Google has just released the details on the newest Android Market update, and it looks like a good one. No longer will phone users have to be jealous of tablets’ ability to rent movies from the Android Market. Starting at $1.99 (the same price for tablets), movies can now be rented from the Market.

The new update includes the ability to purchase Google Books from the Android Market, using your phone. Also, the Market will now include an overhauled UI, making it easier to discover new apps. Google says that this new update will be rolling out in the coming weeks to phones with Android 2.2 or higher, so grab your popcorn and get ready to experience the revamped Android Market.

Hit the break for a video featuring the update.


Source Google Mobile

  • Chris Johnson

    Movies aren’t showing up with Cyanogen…. as expected I guess.

    • Theweakend

      I don’t think I’ll pay $2 and my months bandwidth for a movie any ways.

  • Interpol91

    looks great on the Samsung Epic! Smooth interface with no issues yet. Finally that annoying Sprint button is gone!!!

  • Looks great on my Droid Incredible. Love the beautiful new HD interface. Maybe a little slow, but not bad. That being said, my phone just restarted, so maybe I spoke to soon.

  • It is a great pleasure to sharing the updates and adds movies books phones in the market .it is giving good information for me.

  • This can surely go nice with the books and movies database