Motorola Xoom Android 3.2 Update Rolling Out, Includes SD Card Support

We first heard about Android 3.2 when Huawei announced their 7-inch MediaPad last month, and we learned that it is essentially a version of Honeycomb that was built with more processors and smaller displays in mind. It would appear that the guys over at DroidLife have gotten their hands on some information, and they’re claiming that the Moto Xoom is getting a 3.2 update that’s already begun to roll out in small batches.

Obviously this update is mostly for maintenance and bug-fixing purposes, as the Xoom has a 10.1-inch screen. The update includes the awesome screen compatibility modes that we told you about yesterday. Of course, the big news with the update is that it (finally) enables support for SD cards on the device. While most people are satisfied with the 32GB of onboard storage, some feel that SD cards should have been enabled from the start.

No word on how long the update will take to reach all the Xooms out there, but we want to hear from you! Have any Xoom owners out there gotten their 3.2 update yet? What do you think? Drop a comment below or on our Facebook Wall!

Source Android Police

  • Guags

    I’m confused about the SD support. I have had SD support on my Acer A500 with Android 3.0 since I bought it. Why didn’t the Zoom?

  • Chillijunky

    Most non-US Xoom owners are still waiting for the Honeycomb 3.1 update from Motorola! So 3.2 is just a distant (not very optimistic) dream.

  • Nicholas Falletta

    Personally the 32gb of onboard storage has been more than enough for me, but I agree it should have supported it out of the box, not 3-4 months after release. Waiting on the 3.2 update…until then please check out hive player, the only music player on honeycomb with the scrollable widget for music library navigation.

  • Willybor

    Just got the update xoom wifi. 3.2 with SD card support. Tks Google and mota.

  • Giberoni7

    So where does one go to get the update?  Is there a website to go to or do get I get it directly from Motorolla?

    • BossMann

      Your Xoom will automatically tell you updates are available when you are able to receive the update.

  • Ming Xian Janson


  • The Xoom and Playbook are pretty much the same, just different brands. And no, you cannot play WoW on a tablet.

  • Robert Auger

    Indeed, Android 3.1 for non-US Wifi Xoom would be nice !

  • imaj

    Just got the 3.2 update, glad to have a couple of the new features!

  • Jack Holt

    I got mine running tonight!!!!!!!!!!

  • livekamal

    I got my update today. Sydney, Australia. It supports SD card yahhhhhhhh and zoom and stretch of mobile apps

    • Sfcsarge

      OK I got my update an hour ago, and when I usb to my computer it sees the SD Card but Astro File Explorer does not see the external SDCard just the one it always sees. How do I get to the external SD card from the Xoom?

      • Sfcsarge

        Also on my HTC Droid I can move application to the SDCard, but This option is not there when I manage the application on the Xoom.

      • Sfcsarge

        Found it under /mnt/external1.  This is a stupid name for an SDCard It should have been SDCard2.

  • Nichalsingh

    I live in South Africa but got my Xoom in the UK, no 3.1 or 3.2 updates as yet, this sucks

  • Loenmond

    mines 3.2, updated 3 days ago…

  • Hector

    Has the 3.2 update come out yet on the verizon 3g version?

  • According to motorola, Xoom will get the update in Europe next month (August)

  • Icey_man85

    Got when I stopped in Zurich a couple weeks ago.

  • Elyonsjr30

    They have been saying for weeks 3.2 is coming.but ithink that it is mpre rumors.i check everyday.been waiting for sd capability forever

  • BossMann

    Live in Houston, Texas. Got my update a few weeks ago.

  • Androiduser2008

    I have received my Android 3.2 update early this morning…
    Is it me or does anyone feel for second as if they own an Apple product by owning a Motorola Xoom? These incremental update releasing “small” features remind me a lot of Apple iOS…. Just Saying 

  • Anonymous

    Here in the UK (the poorer relations), I have seen no sign, I check every other day or so.

    Last night the Xoom stated that an update was available, with trepidation, I downloaded and installed it. Whatever the update was. it bricked my Xoom. 

    Some research of the Motorolla website left me no option but to do a ‘hard’ factory re-set. Losing all my files, but pseudo retaining all the installed apps although unusable. Had to manually uninstall and then re-install apps.

    One thing that does strike me is that an SD slot that does not work, i a poor way to launch a product!

    John Szepietowski

  • Nolandre

    Got xoom update about 2 weeks ago.. I have not tried the SD card support yet but the screen compatibility mode is nice.. 

  • Edward Richardson

    Surely this is urgent….   ITV player requires 3.2 as a minimum and the Rugby World Cup is on! I’ve got an EMEA 3G Xoom, have updated it to 3.1, but ITV player still refuses to load.

  • Nick

    My Brazil Xoom was updated only today, 4.0.3, is when Xoom 3 or 4 is released here :p

    • Ruben

      Just got my update today here in Chile. Looks like latinamericans finally getting onboard!