Samsung to Launch Gingerbread for Galaxy Tab UK Version in Coming Weeks?

According to recent reports, the UK version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab (7-inch) is set to receive its Android 2.3 update in the near future.  Recombu advises that a a source close to Samsung is claiming that UK version of Galaxy Tab will receive Gingerbread in coming weeks via Kies.

The update will hit unlocked version of Galaxy Tabs then it will hit others i.e. people using Galaxy Tab with contract. O2UK is saying that it will be out in early August, and I think others will also launch it in the same period.

Our readers in UK, soon you will be able to taste Gingerbread on your Galaxy Tab.  However, if you want Honeycomb, then you’d better have a look at Galaxy Tab 10.1 or any other already existing Honeycomb tablet.  We’re very early in the Android tablet game and no company has proven to have a track record as it pertains to update schedules.

Here in the United States, Sprint recently deployed Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) for their Samsung Galaxy Tab, so it makes sense to assume other carries might soon follow suit.


  • If this 7inch tablet could be used as a Phone I might buy it!

    • Drbeantech21

      I am using mine a phone right now.

      • Wifi calls only?? or 3G also… I’m assuming these are not 4G

        • Knobby

          you can use your normal mobile phone sim in the tablet

  • virt hdd

    Update will be great!
    Use as phone with phone sim – neat. put in backpack, use bluetooth headset. 🙂

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  • what do you mean “Samsung to Launch”.  it’s been available for some time. I have had it for some time: 
    Gingerbread 2.3.3

  • Anonymous

    Got it today (July 25th) via KIES – and it’s looking great!