HTC Desire Z Getting Gingerbread in Few Weeks Time

HTC is working hard to keep their devices up to date and they are already working on Desire Gingerbread update and also on unlocked bootloader update for few devices. HTC announced in February that their 4 Android devices will receive Gingerbread by Q2 and Desire Z was also included in it. Now HTC officially confirmed that Desire Z will be receiving Android 2.3 update in the coming weeks. The news came from HTC Germany Facebook account, so check out the translated announcement after the break:

“Thanks to all who wait patiently for the Gingerbread update for the HTC Desire. We are just beginning to the final stages of testing and planning, with the rollout of FOTA updates in the coming weeks. It will take some time now before we all will reach it. This will be done by the end of the month

Well, we don’t know when US variant of Desire Z a.k.a T-Mobile G2 will receive it but words are on the street that it’s coming out later this summer, so my guess is that it will receive it soon. This update will hit SIM-free Desire Z first, and then later it will hit carrier versions. HTC didn’t give us any release date, but you can expect this update later this month. So Desire Z owners, are you excited about this good news? Tell us in the comment box below.

Source: SoMobile

  • *d.*

    That’s bullcrap. Almost everyone who bought the G2 bought it for faster updates, via stock Android. I know T-Mobile is to blame here, but it’s still pretty shitty.

  • shef

    It’s about time.  The announcements teasing gingerbread for the G2 have been coming for several months now.  

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