Virgin Mobile Announces Revised Rate Plans

Virgin Mobile, following on the heels of Verizon, have announced some new rate plans of their own today. But unlike Big Red, these are likely going to be met with a tad bit more enthusiasm. The wireless provider has made a name for themselves with their Beyond Talk plans, matching an increasingly better handset lineup with affordable, no-contract monthly plans. Soon, customers will find even Virgin Mobile getting even more competitive.

Effective one week from today (July 20), and with the arrival of the Motorola Triumph, Virgin Mobile will roll out their new rate plans. What are these new options, you ask? Hit the break and find out!

  • Unlimited data and 300 voice minutes will be $35 per month (up $5 from previous plan)
  • Unlimited data and 1200 minutes will be $45 per month (up $5 from previous plan)
  • Unlimited data, text and voice will be $55 per month (down $5 from previous plan)

With two of the rate plans going up a few bucks each month, it’s not hard to see the value in the unlimited talk/text option.  Generally speaking,  the plans are a good value regardless of where subscribers end up.

Current Beyond Talk customers will be able to keep their current plan pricing as long as they don’t let their account expire.  What’s more, upgrading devices will not affect rate plans in anyway.

  • Joshua Palmer

    The 300 minute plan is currently $25. So it’s a $10 increase.

    • Sherycegourgue16

      $15 increase.

  • Can they at least allow tethering if they’re going to raise my plan by $10?

    • Joshua Palmer

      Actually they will be going in the opposite direction from what I’ve read, deciding to follow t-mobile’s lead(odd to me since they are owned by sprint) and throttle after 2.5gigs

      • Brie

        If you sign up now will you be grandfathered into your unlimited plan when they do start throttling?

  • George Baker

    Actually as Joshua stated the 300 Min plan is a $10 increase as is the 1200 minute plan.

  • name

    As Joshua mentioned, the 300 minute plan is a $10 increase, not $5.

  • Brad

    Yeah, it was a $10 increase from $25 to $35 (I was thinking about switching for $25 but not $35).  However, the 1200 minute plan was indeed $40 so in that case, it is a $5 increase.