Amazon Tablet in October? We Hope so!

There is more news this morning about the worst kept secret in the Android world this year; the upcoming Android tablet that Amazon is planning on launching to take advantage of it’s strong Android ecosystem that it has deployed.  Could we see it as soon as October?
The Wall Street Journal thinks so!  According to “sources familiar with the matter”, Amazon is planing on releasing their tablet this October, manufactured by a “company in Asia” (no duh). Just in time for the Christmas sales rush.  There is still no word on pricing, very little word on specs, and no exact release date.  The only specs that we have seen is that it will be running Android (no word on what flavor but we assume Gingerbread) and that it will have a 9-inch screen.

There was another interesting tidbit of info in the Wall Street Journal article, saying that while a company in Asia is making the current upcoming Amazon Android device, Amazon itself is talking like it will be manufacturing yet another device for release next year.  What it sounds like is that Amazon is rushing a unit to market to capitalize on the tablet craze going on in the world right now, but looking to create a cost efficient unit totally under their control for 2012.  Interesting for sure.

Of all the companies currently releasing tablets, Amazon is uniquely positioned to offer real competition to the 19.5 million iPad’s that have been sold to date.  With a strong Android App store, plus the movie rentals, books and music that Amazon offers, it really is a complete offering for a user of a proprietary Android powered tablet.  This is conjecture for sure, but you can put money on the fact that any Amazon tablet released will have some sort of exclusive access to Amazon offerings that other tablets do not.  We are excited about these developments for sure.  Can’t wait until October!

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  1. Ed
    July 14, 16:20 Reply

    Wouldn’t it be 3.2 since it is opened up to smaller than 10.1″ screens? 

  2. Anonymous
    July 14, 16:49 Reply

    A Gingerbread tablet with no access to Android Market, Google Maps, Gmail, or YouTube?

    Yeah, no thanks.

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