Localicious Proving That Some devs Experiencing Less Friction With Android

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There is interesting news this morning concerning the new app that WhitePages has released, called Localicious. The app in itself is not ground shattering for sure, but what is interesting is that the company is launching on Android first, with no release date for an iOS launch.  A first for the company as a whole, as they have done what most companies out there have been doing.  Launch on iOS, then port over to Android. Not this time!  Read on for their reasons.

In an interview with GigaOM, Brett Moore, general manage of mobile for WhitePages lists the following reasons why they have decided to go Android first:

  • Android ad revenue opportunities.  Android offers developers a ton of opportunity to partner with companies to deploy ads to targeted segments of the user base.  There is a lot of money to be made there, which is good news for companies with enough resources to get things rolling and partnerships to leverage.
  • Background processing.  Android allows people to have apps running in the background, meaning you can be walking around an outdoor mall and have an app open in the background that will alert you to deals that different stores are running as you near their location.  Much less friction for devs as you don’t really have to do anything for the app to get your attention.
  • Much less publishing friction.  It is pretty easy to publish an app to the Android Market, one of the Market’s strengths and weaknesses.  WhitePages can push it’s app to the Market almost immediately, without having to wait for a lengthy approval process.
Those three reasons are pretty strong for any developer, and I believe we will begin to see more and more companies launching on Android first as a result.  Nothing but win for us lovers of Android!

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    This morning on the local radio channel, 8am news about smartphones and data bills, the DJ comments: “…smartphones like Android and euhh, yes Android.”

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