October 25, 2014

Oceanhouse Media Brings Award Winning Children's Book "Leo the Lightning Bug" to Android

 If you have children, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Oceanhouse Media. They are the leading publishers of interactive children’s book apps, such as the award winning Dr. Seuss book apps that many of us have come to love. Their high quality, interactive apps have brought many of the classics to life and are exactly why author Eric Drachman and his company Kidwick Books have partnered to transform their award winning “Leo the Lightning Bug” into an app that can be enjoyed on most mobile devices.

This heartfelt story highlights the struggles many children may experience when first trying to find the confidence to be themselves. Leo just happens to be a young lighting bug struggling to make his own light.

Leo is “the littlest lightning bug of all” who can’t seem to make his own light. Despite other lightning bugs teasing him, with determination, motherly support and a little luck, Leo eventually lights up in the night. With his newfound confidence, Leo now laughs at himself, plays with the other lightning bugs and enjoys a good night’s sleep.

This newfound partnership between Oceanhouse Media and Kidwick Books aims to continue and expand Oceanhouse Media’s focus to “uplift, educate and inspire through technology.”

“Leo the Lightning Bug is a perfect example of how a picture book can be transformed into a fun, interactive app,” said Michel Kripalani, founder and president of Oceanhouse Media. “Colorful illustrations, a beautiful narrative and a main character that kids can identify with are the essence of good storytelling. We welcome Kidwick Books onboard as our newest partner and are honored to be the digital publisher of their heart-warming books.”

You will find that all of Oceanhouse Media’s apps are easy to use and create new and imaginitive ways for children to learn, read, and stay engaged through story telling and technology. Their apps usually feature three unique methods of interaction:

  • Read to Me — listen to the narrated story with words highlighted as they are read.
  • Read it Myself — read the book in its traditional form.
  • Auto Play — plays like a movie, automatically reading and turning pages. This feature is especially reat for younger children.

I highly recommend checking out Oceanhouse Media and their apps, especially if you have children who enjoy reading or are in the process of learning to read. These books are a fun and educational outlet for children looking to interact with mommy and daddy’s phone.