SwiftKey X Released for Android Phones, Tablets

To celebrate the one year anniversary of its first beta release, TouchType has finally announced the arrival of Swiftkey X.  Designed in both phone and tablet-friendly versions, this has become one of our favorite keyboard alternatives over the last few months.  To kick things off, TouchType is giving SwiftKey X away as a free upgrade to anyone who purchased the original SwiftKey app this last year. What’s more, SwiftKey X and SwiftKey Tablet X is being offered at a discount of more than fifty percent between now and Saturday (July 16) at 6AM PDT.  Hurry!

Download links after the break.





  • Anonymous

    This update is SICK! I don’t usually get excited about keyboard apps, but it really is solid. Love it.

  • It’s not free, so why are you saying it is?

    • Guest

      There’s no charge if you bought the previous version of Swiftkey, they ‘upgrade’ you to version X –

      • too bad beta testers dont get the update free…. 🙁

  • batht

    How do you get it for free if you bought the original one last year?