MobileMix June 2011: Android Leads Smart Phone Growth with 16 of Top 20 Devices

Millennial Media has released their June 2011 Mobile Mix report, which gives great insight into how the smart phone landscape is evolving.  We’ve tried to scale back on the number of “Android is growing super fast” studies but we always dig the way MM puts their reports together.  If anything, they tell us which particular handsets are doing well and which are not.  Hit the break for a few bullet-point details from the June 2011 edition!

  • Android has held the top spot on the MM network for seven straight months, now accounting for 54% share of impressions
  • Android as an OS in general (smartphones and tablets) is up 11% quarter-over-quarter.
  • Samsung’s Nexus S more than doubled impressions month-over-month and now sits at number four of the top twenty devices.
  • The entire top twenty devices are smart phones with Android accounting for sixteen of them.
  • HTC leads all Android devices with six placing in the top twenty.
  • Anonymous

    It will be interesting to see if the EVO 3D takes the top Android spot next month. I think I’m heading out to pick one up this weekend. 

  • Dorian

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  • Android will stay in the top, OS is just amazing powerful and flexible. 🙂

  • Shanghai Dan

    Hmmm…  Six of the top 20 cell phones are from HTC.  Anyone wonder why Apple singled out HTC for a lawsuit?

  • I think the best part is apple is capturing another market now andriods are going great.

  • Ya …..Google with Android SDK and Android OS it has become leader of Mobile Application Development

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