Preview of CyanogenMod 7 on the Samsung Galaxy S II [VIDEO]

The Galaxy S II has been released for a while in Europe now, but there’s still not even a nightly of the much anticipated CyanogenMod. No, I’m not giving you a nightly here, but I can point you to this video that TeamHacksung released. It shows the Galaxy S II sporting CyanogenMod 7 and it’s actually running pretty well. There are still a few issues, though. HD recording doesn’t work, and neither does the bluetooth or FM radio. However, the team says they’re not far from solving those.

So, we’re testing hardware encode/decode using +Andrew Mahone ‘s work from last night, and I am trying to get Bluetooth working correctly and SGS2 could go into nightlies.

I have received an updated statement: As soon as the HD recording gets fixed, there will be nightlies. Go and check out the video after the break!


  • drdrewdown


  • Nick

    Guess since Sammy is wanting to let the device be open, I’m guessing the carriers in the US are not liking this. Still haven’t seen this thing in the states yet. Pathetic.

  • Will the browser be hardware accelerated like the Samsung one?

    • Thijs Koot

      No, that’s a Samsung-specific tweak. Cyanogenmod only uses tweaked AOSP code.

      • Is it hard to achieve though? Could the CM team not add it themselves?

        Does hardware acceleration come to 3.0+ devices? If so, we might see it when ICS is released, right?

  • Cant wait for this to hit the states

  • I wonder if they will ever finish the samsung galaxy s cdma phones.