Archos G9 Tablets to Start at $300 and Begin Shipping September

Archos has announced new prices for their upcoming G9 series tablets set to arrive later this fall.  The pair of Honeycomb devices look to start $20 higher than they were initially expected to run, however they’re still much cheaper than the competition.

The 8-inch 80 G9 will range between $299.99 and $369.99 depending on which storage capacity you opt for.  The 10.1-inch 101 G9, on the other hand, will run anywhere from $369.99 to $469.99 depending on storage.

  • 80 G9 w/ 8GB – $299.99
  • 80 G9 w/ 16GB – $329.99
  • 80 G9 w/ 250GB – $369.99
  • 101 G9 w/ 8GB – $369.99
  • 101 G9 w/ 16GB – $399.99
  • 101 G9 w/ 250GB – $469.99

Although the pricing differences are not yet know, customers will have their choice in processor speeds (1GHZ versus 1.5GHz) for the larger 101 G9. Archos advises that both will be dual-core.

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  1. brett markman
    July 18, 17:06 Reply

    I’m still looking for the RAM……still a mystery….I have an Archos 70 w/256 and it is worfully inadequate. Anyone have anything on this…or did I miss it….

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