Rumor: Samsung Prepping 5.3-inch Galaxy ‘Q’

The annual Consumer Electronics Unlimited (IFA) might still be six weeks away, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start the week off with a new rumor.  According to Yahoo! Korea (translated), the handset maker is putting the finishing touches on a 5.3-inch Galaxy Q handset, which they hope to unveil in Berlin.  The device is said to be a stepping stone from other Galaxy handsets and the Galaxy Tab and should feature a Super AMOLED Plus display.

We’re not sure how well a smart phone with a 5.3-inch screen might do, but we can’t imagine Samsung’s luck being any worse than Dell.  The PC giant has had a tough time trying to break into the Android game with their (5-inch and 7-inch) Streak series.  Samsung, on the other hand, is already offering phones with displays at 4.3-inch and 4.5-inch sizes.  What’s another inch, give or take?

IFA runs September 2-7 and takes place in Berlin, Germany.

  • Fremdschamen

    I fully expect phone manufacturers to begin designing phones without any dead-space borders around the screen on the front as soon as the tech gets there.  If that happens, a device with a 5″ screen would be almost exactly the same size as a galaxy s.

  • Anonymous

    I definately welcome what Samsung is doing from a technology standpoint. Innovation is the name of the game NOT THE COURT ROOM as we see with APPLE. With Samsung stepping up their game this will make HTC my only provider for smartphone step their game up too. I have seen the potential for a 4.7 inch screen coming out for the EVO BRAND in 2012 I personally would LOVE to see a 5inch screen rocking a 1.5 to 2.0 gb of ram either dualcore or quadcore would be great. I love my EVO 3D no doubt but I always look forward to next year.