[Tecca] Get to Know Your Android OS: A Visual Candyland Chart of Android OS Sweetness

With Android moving so fast and all the different OS iterations roaming around, the average user can easily become confused. Most of the time the average consumer/user hasn’t the slightest clue that different Android OS versions even exist (or that their phone OS is called “Android” not “Droid”). It’s not that these people are “idiots” as some Android extremists would have you believe, it’s just that no one ever bothered to explain the differences to them.

Now we know not everyone is Benjintelligent when it comes to tech and Android and it can be difficult sometimes to try and explain what features a specific Android OS may or may not have. That’s why I would like to share a cute little chart I stumbled upon which highlights key aspects of the different Android OS’s starting with Android 1.6 (Donut). I’m not sure who created the confectionery chart you are about to see (Barb Dybwad?) but I believe the crew over at Tecca is responsible. You will find this Android OS comparison chart to be both visually pleasant and educational, making it easy for just about anyone to understand. Check it out, share it with a friend or tape it to your wall for a sweet reminder of just how delicious Android is.

Source: Tecca

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    • Ronnie B
      July 19, 08:49 Reply

      While 2.1 was also known as Eclair, I’m guessing what the author meant is that these are changes that were introduced with 2.0.

  1. GiqueGuy
    July 19, 04:22 Reply

    How cool is this ?  This is so cool, I’m about ready to lobby my state representative to place it into the mandatory curriculum for all teenagers.  Hmmmm….. indoctrination ….. MU WAH HA HA HAAAAAA !

  2. Android Development
    July 19, 05:54 Reply

    This Android OS comparison chart helps to users which one is best for it and they can go for it.

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