GAMEVIL Releases Free Baseball Superstars II for Android Phones, Tablets

GAMEVIL, no stranger to awesome Android deals, has rolled out a brand new, free edition of its popular Baseball Superstars series in the form of  Baseball Superstars II.  Like its predecessors, BS II is a fully featured baseball game with a ton of replay value.  The developers have improved the graphics, added animations, tweaked the UI, and tossed in a bunch of new new options for what is already a strong game series.  Baseball Superstars II offers players seven modes of gameplay including My League, Season, Exhibition, Homerun Race, Tournament, Mission and Match Mode. 
New super players can be recruited to your roster, and training and story mode, which is now twice the size of the prequel, can now be enjoyed in the same session. Users can create their own pitching style and batting effects for the first-time in the series to change the appearance and features of your ballplayer. An improved teammate AI, the addition of selectable fielding tactics and weather system all make for more realistic action. With these gameplay improvements, the ability to customize everything from your bat to your clubhouse and stadium and more, Baseball Superstars II is the most comprehensive baseball experience yet.
Baseball Superstars II is free to download and works on any device running 2.1 or higher.  We played on a Galaxy Tab 10.1 and found the game to be pretty darn fun.