Review: BodyGuardz Armor Carbon Fiber for Galaxy Tab 10.1

Android tablets are expensive. It doesn’t matter what brand or size you go with, that thing is going to set you back a decent amount of money.  And once you have one, the last thing you want to see happen is for it to get a scratch or scuff.  Yeah, Gorilla Glass is nice for the display, but what about the back side?  Or the side side?

I have spent the last few weeks protecting my Galaxy Tab 10.1 with a BodyGuardz Armor Carbon Fiber and I’ve really come to love it.  The skin is a breeze to install and, once it’s on, it gives the tablet a nice, durable grip.  For all the sleek and sexy that comes with the Samsung tablet, it’s somewhat slippery and easy to nick.  BodyGuardz covers nearly every shiny aspect of the tablet with custom-cut PVC-based film.

As is the case with other BodyGuardz products, the skin is lightweight, super-thin, and tough. Should you want to carry your tablet around in a folio case or pouch, you’ll find that the Carbon Fiber adds no discernible thickness. On the front side, the kit I have also comes with a ScreenGuardz screen protector to give that 10-inch display just one more layer of security.  Everything goes on easy here and looks terrific when it’s done.

The red carbon fiber skin for my Galaxy Tab 10.1

I don’t like to chance things too much when it comes to my Android devices so I’ve not tried to put the skin through its paces.  No keys or nails or sliding across rough surfaces.  However, after a month of normal wear and tear, I don’t have any snags or tears in the skin.

The BodyGuardz Armor Carbon Fiber is available in three color options – black, white, or red. Obviously, I had to go with red.  It’s flashy and awesome, and really draws attention.  If you have a Galaxy Tab 10.1 and want to protect that investment, I highly suggest picking up a BodyGuardz skin.  While you’re at it, grab one for your phone too!

  • When you say “Carbon Fiber adds no discernible thickness,” you seem to be implying that this is actual carbon fiber. It’s not, it’s just a textured sticker made of PVC plastic. Huge difference, probably a detail worth mentioning in the “review,” right? Also, price info would have been nice.

  • Still loving my Skinomi TechSkin for my XOOM.

  • But it won’t help if you drop it.   I like to use the car bra argument here.  What’s the point of protecting from aesthetic blemishes underneath that thing if you can’t ever see it?  To maintain resale value?  By the time you sell your tablet (or car), the physical appearance will have little impact to the value.  

    Now a silicon skin, that may actually save it from a fall.

  • I’m assuming this is the same thickness as the phone protectors. Looks like I’ll have to give this a shot, especially if it’s got screen protection too.