This Week on AGTN: LG Revolution Giveaway!

Thanks to Stephanie “The LG Girl” and of course LG Mobile, we have an LG Revolution to give away this Thursday on AGTN! The LG Revolution runs a 1GHz Snapdragon processor on Verizon’s 4G LTE network. It comes equipped with Android 2.2, a rear-facing 5.0 MP camera with auto focus and LED flash, and a 1.3 MP front-facing camera for video chat. It also has 720p HD video recording and playback capabilities.

Are you a Verizon Wireless customer that would love to have the Revolution as your next device? All you have to do is take a look at this picture of Stephanie with the phone, have a giggle, and then leave a comment below with the funniest caption you can think of. The only catch we have is that you need to be following The LG Girl on Twitter and Facebook,  as well as AGTN on Twitter. So go press those “follow” and “like” buttons!

Stephanie is in the process of shooting a video campaign where she’s an underground go kart racer (hence the picture). It happens to be that in real life, she’s actually in a go kart racing league too.

The contest will go until 8PM CST on Thursday July 21st.  We will pick the funniest caption from the comments below, and announce it live on the air. Stephanie will be joining us this week to announce the winner and to talk about the phone. Be sure to tune into at 9PM CST for the live video and chat.

As always, it’s going to be a great show! Aaron Kasten, Benji Hertel, Stacie Nuss, and The LG Girl will all be there. We might even have more free stuff to give away too. You definitely don’t want to miss it!


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  1. Matthew Sparby
    July 19, 18:10 Reply

    Estrogen Stig forgets about Bluetooth and removes helmet to answer phone.

  2. The360King
    July 19, 18:12 Reply

    The LG Revolution…The most fun you can have with your right hand!…Yeah baby!

  3. Nolan M.
    July 19, 18:44 Reply

    “Oh you’re taking the picture?…. Okay.” (Centers herself) “I want YOU to buy this phone!”

  4. Nolan M.
    July 19, 18:44 Reply

    “Oh you’re taking the picture?…. Okay.” (Centers herself) “I want YOU to buy this phone!”

  5. Nolan M.
    July 19, 18:44 Reply

    “Oh you’re taking the picture?…. Okay.” (Centers herself) “I want YOU to buy this phone!”

  6. Uncle Sam
    July 19, 19:00 Reply

    I want YOU!
    For L.G. Revolution
    Nearest giveaway station

  7. Cutee83
    July 19, 19:18 Reply

    “Hey there good lookin!!! Not you, the phone!!

  8. Computechx
    July 19, 19:33 Reply

    Bartender hands the picture back to the man at the bar and says,..
    “Your one LUCKY man: A gorgeous woman AND a killer phone”
    Man at the bar replies,..
    “You would think so, but the phone never rings and the woman never shuts up!”

    • Guest
      July 20, 19:58 Reply

      I truly hope this doesn’t win.  I think it’s distasteful to assume a woman never shuts up.

      • Guest
        July 20, 20:58 Reply

        Seriously?? Grow up. You must be a woman and I will guarantee you would be laughing if it was a joke about men and shopping or cleaning or washing clothes or any of the numerous other stereotypical jokes about men.
        If this doesn’t win I will have serious doubts about this website and its publishers maturity. We all make the jokes some of us are just more honest about it and the fact that they are “mostly” true which is what makes them funny in the first place.

      • mizmellyjelly™
        July 21, 19:08 Reply

        mm…I don’t really care for either side of this argument…however while it’s all in good humor, the caption is specifically directed at Stephanie so it might be ok if this person knows her directly but if not, I don’t see why she wouldn’t take offense to it. If the 1st “Guest” found it ‘distasteful’ and happens to be a woman, who’s to say other women won’t find it ‘distasteful’ too =P

  9. Computechx
    July 19, 19:33 Reply

    Bartender hands the picture back to the man at the bar and says,..
    “Your one LUCKY man: A gorgeous woman AND a killer phone”
    Man at the bar replies,..
    “You would think so, but the phone never rings and the woman never shuts up!”

  10. Tenkely
    July 19, 19:48 Reply

    “You want bug fixes and updates? We’re too busy racing go karts to worry about that.”
    “Maybe if I drive real fast, all the bugs on this phone will end up on the bug deflector of my go kart”

  11. benmarvin
    July 19, 19:51 Reply

    “Admit it, you were looking for naughty pictures on my phone while I was busy racing go karts!”

  12. Psylink
    July 19, 19:56 Reply

    “SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY; Ultimate Kart Racing, we want YOU, to test your skills racing against the best racers in the world while texting! NOTE: Vin Diesel who plays Dom in The Fast and Furious will not be attending because he will be waxing all the hair from his body”

  13. Deon Davis
    July 19, 20:05 Reply

    LG Girl: You number 1!  Samsung Boy: No you Numba 1!!  LG Girl: No I said you number 1!!! Samsung Boy: I said you are!!! LG Girl: HA Ha I know I am!!! I just trying make you feel better Loser!

  14. Jeffshultz
    July 19, 23:24 Reply

    “Tony Stewart – I’m callin’ you out, man! See you at the track!”

  15. Porkpie
    July 20, 00:29 Reply

    Yes Stephanie, I did leave my phone at your place last night…..

  16. Jon
    July 20, 00:29 Reply

    Even the Android fan I am, it took me 5 minutes to realize she was holding a phone.

  17. gort999
    July 20, 01:43 Reply

    Hey Big Fellow! This is the phone of your freakin’ dreams!

  18. John J Volk
    July 20, 02:08 Reply

    Hey Big Fellow. I’m FAST in my Go Cart – just like my LG Revolution. It’s FAST like me!

  19. Ben Martin
    July 20, 03:29 Reply

    Not only did I beat you on the track, but I was texting while I did it.

  20. Albert Wang
    July 20, 05:34 Reply

    “So don’cha want to XOOM XOOM XOOM with me tonight, guys?”

  21. Anthony Banks
    July 20, 07:41 Reply

    “You probably don’t want to know where I store my Revolution in this jumpsuit with no pockets, honestly, LOL”

  22. Mytharak
    July 20, 08:12 Reply

    Is this a WHAT phone? Dont make me poke you.

  23. Sean Riley
    July 20, 16:41 Reply

    I’m guessing that I’m DQ’d for not having a Facebook account, I do follow everyone on Twitter though. Anyway here’s my shot regardless.

    “Yes I took your phone and no I’m not giving it back until you promise to never again use the line that you are packing a Revolution in your pants.”

  24. Undertow39
    July 20, 16:57 Reply

    Every man wishes he had this much power in his hands like me!

  25. Benji
    July 20, 19:23 Reply

    Protip guys: if your comment is distasteful or perverted…you’re probably not going to win.

  26. Chrissy Bartik
    July 20, 20:31 Reply

    With my LG Revolution I can pay bills, keep track of my calendar, and even get directions.  If it could only buy me clothes and shoes it would be my man replacement!

  27. Chuck
    July 20, 22:22 Reply

    Did I just hear “welcome to mario kart?, cause you’re a peach!”

  28. mizmellyjelly™
    July 21, 00:10 Reply

    “Hello men….look at your lady. Now back to me. Now back at your lady. Now back to me. Sadly, she isn’t me. But if she stopped using Apple’s girly 3G iPhone and switched to an LG Revolution 4G, then she can definitely be a real woman like me. Look down. Back up. I am now a go kart racer. Anything is possible with an LG Revolution.”

  29. Rebecca Burke
    July 21, 00:23 Reply

    (two buddies talking) “Wow man what a great picture…” I know can you believe how close I was  to that new LG Revolution…..”

  30. Schmidty
    July 21, 05:27 Reply

    Marine, I know that I am no Mila Kunis, but I would be thrilled to go to the Marine Ball with you!

  31. Zombee Envy
    July 21, 06:23 Reply

    “I am selling over 500 REVOLUTIONS per minute!”

  32. mauaus
    July 21, 16:49 Reply

    But wait, theres more!! If you order within the next 5 minutes you get a free racing jumpsuit!!

  33. nate
    July 21, 17:05 Reply

    I see your Revolution is as big as mine!!

  34. Art Clements
    July 21, 17:14 Reply

    “ill let you borrow my phone to call your ego and let it know its about to get beat by a girl”

  35. Bhavinkt
    July 21, 18:36 Reply

    The photo does not help. Need the real revolution…:)

  36. Chris Hills
    July 21, 18:46 Reply

    The LG Revolution phone is so damn fast and hot to trot, that the OSHA advise all users to wear flame proof overalls during it’s use.  

  37. kruback
    July 21, 18:46 Reply

    AAhh ha caught you trying to sneek up on my Revolution. SECURITY!!!!

  38. Paralgl64
    July 21, 19:36 Reply

    LG and Stephanie want YOU for go kart racing!

  39. Jaxister
    July 21, 19:39 Reply

    LG Revolution: “Be revolutionary- pull my finger.”

  40. Jkeudy
    July 21, 20:03 Reply

    Why is Anthony Weiner texting me??

  41. Mrpicolas
    July 22, 01:02 Reply

    Not me guys.. You win the phone. Time to edit my circles again.

  42. .
    July 22, 01:55 Reply

    “Low battery? YOU should see my vibrator!”

  43. Edward miskowiec
    July 22, 02:10 Reply

    Really sweet phone, girlfriend would love me forever if I get it for her!

  44. s15274n
    July 22, 02:13 Reply

    Sexy and fast, that’s how we roll.

  45. Christian Munoz
    July 22, 04:10 Reply

    Girl in picture:
    “This phone’s screen size is larger than my ex-boyfriend’s…….iPhone 4 screen.”

  46. yelrahC
    July 25, 07:36 Reply

    “Oh, I forgot. You have to add me in one of your Google+ circles, too, in order to qualify.”

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