ASUS Shipping 400,000 EeePad Transformer Units Every Month

ASUS officially announced the ASUS EeePad Transformer earlier this year at the annual CES event in Las Vegas and there is no doubt in it that the Transformer is overall an amazing tablet. It was launched by Office Depot earlier this month and currently one of Tiger-Direct’s top 10 sellers – they also called it their fastest selling tablet.

DigiTimes is reporting that ASUS is now shipping more than 400,000 ASUS Transformer units in one month, quite impressive huh? It’s also reported that ASUS is planning to extend their shipping limit to 500,000 by third quarter. ASUS is looking forward to ship around 5 million tablets in second-half of 2011 and almost 3 million units are of ASUS Transformer.


EeePad Transformer is a Honeycomb powered tablet running on Tegra 2 dual-core processor, but what makes it different from other tablets is that it comes with a laptop dock.  This dock essentially turns your tablet into a laptop.  If the Wi-Fi version is not your cup of tea, then you’d better served waiting for the 3G version,  which is coming out in few months. So are you looking forward to buy one or waiting for the 3G version? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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  • yes, i’ll be waiting for the 3G version.. or even the PadFone.. 🙂

  • I’m not surprised.  I *love* mine.  I actually prefer having the non-3G model as my Android phone can share the 3G via wifi anyway, saving me having to have a second data contract.  

    • Andresetc

      exactly !! why get the 3g model? then the cell company is in charge of you. F*#k that!!

  • Nicholas Falletta

    Yeah especially with apps like Hive Player, the music player with scrollable widget support for full music navigation and playback its no wonder they’re pushing so many out. It is a nice tablet though.

  • Anonymous

    The ASUS transformer is by far the best tablet so pleased with mine and has come down in price as well –

  • Andresetc

    Screw the 3g TF. Im having a blast tethering it to my N1, whenerver I dont have WiFi coverage.
    plus that way Im in charge not the cell phone company – capice?